Thursday, December 2, 2010


We pulled up at the school right behind my sister Terrah and Alexis. So, Jenna got to go into school with Alexis.
We always take a pic by the school sign!

A big 2nd grader!! I can't believe it!!

Alexis is a big 1st grader!!

Inside Jenna's class she got to sit next to her friend Jordan. What a great start to her day!

I love this little girl and I can't believe how fast she is growing up. She is my biggest helper, and I would be lost with out her!

Here's one of Drew, he is mastering the art of tummy time, and holding his head up!


This pic is a little blury, but these ladies are some of the funnest ladies I know. We started out with just us, but you can see we have grown in numbers. the 4 mom's were all friends of ours in wenatchee before we moved to New Mexico. Emily on the far L has three kids. Kim has 2 kids, I have 3 kids, and Dora has 4 kids. We don't get together nearly enough but it's always fun when we do. Dora's niece is taking this pic.
I'm missing from this pic, but it's clrearer so you can see everyone better. I always have a blast with you ladies!!

All I want for school are my 2 front teeth!

Miss Jenna lost her two front teeth shortly after Emillie's wedding. Emillie brought some topical numbing medicine over to help with the pulling. They had been loose forever, and were pointing straight out. Aaron tied dental floss around them after he numbed them up, and out they came. She was a trooper, and was also hansomly rewarded by the tooth fairy!

Lydia's 5th Birthday!!

Lydia wanted a pony party, so that is what she got! Happy birthday Lydia we love you!!

Jenna is sporting her cowgirl duds
Payton is riding buck, our little pony! Thanks aunt Emmy, for leading him around.

A close up of the cowgirl

Carter wasn't sure of the "neigh's" so he started on Buck

and graduated to Poke. By the time we were done he was in love!

Emillie Got MARRIED

Papa walking the Bride down the aisle

I tried to get one where they were both looking up, but I failed. Still pretty cute though!

Emillie Married Adam Washburn on August 14, 2010

The kids were all in the wedding. I had my concerns about this little man behaving himself during the ceremony, but he did great!! And what a hansome little man!!

Michael looking so excited about his role in the ceremony!

Payton and Carter

Beth and Grace looking beautiful!

I love this pic of Lydia!

Miss Jenna, such a helper! Love her!. She brok her arm the week before the wedding, and had an awesome bright pink cast that doubled as a club!

Micheal excorting his sistes down the aisle

Lydia and Carters turn down the aisle

Jenna and Payton walking down with some of adams family's kids. Sorry I can't remember their names.

Here they are waiting patiently for the ceremony to start. Look at these cuties. Don't you love babies is ties? Thanks aunt Lindee for making them.

My two little stars. ( Jenna broke her arm balancing on a basketball)

There was a DJ for dancing at the reception. Daddy dancing with his princess!

The missionaries came into the building and started filling up the font for a baptism later on in the day. They turned it on, locked the door so no one could fall in, and then left. Later we noticed water running out from under the door, but couldn't get in cause the door was locked. When the missionaries were finally gotten a hold of and came there was quite the clean up!

Jeromy, Lindee and family have been living in Denver. They came up for the wedding and we all had a blast playing! Here are some sword fights that went on.

Jenna's arm didn't slow her down at all

Monday, November 29, 2010

Summer 2010

well It is December, but I'm blogging about summer. Makes me really miss these nice beautiful days!! We had a lot of fun this summer, and we stayed really busy! I went back to work the 7th of July, which is always hard to do after having a baby. However, whenever I had a few days off we got to play. Here we are at Silverwood theme Park!! Drew is so excited he can hardley contain himself! What a good baby he has been. We drag him along everywhere, and He is happy enough to sleep, or look around and see what's going on.

This is my niece Olivia. We went to SILVERWOOD with my sister Terrah and her family. We had a great time, and we will def. have to go back again next year!!

Jenna and Alexis cooling off in the kids play fountain area while we waited for the return of half our group to go down the big raft water slide!

They had all sorts of fun water spraying toys to play with!

Here's the group shot in the wave pool. Drew was asleep in the stroller, and I didn't think he would mind missing out of the wacve pool. So, we opted to stay out and take pictures.

Jenna, Payton, Daddy, Alexis, Steve, Olivia, and Terrah.

Steve and Olivia

Aaron, Jenna, and Payton

Payton, Drew, and Olivia. Waiting for the daddy's and the big sisters to go down a big water slide.

We Also spent a day in the Tri-Cities. One of my besties from high school came to visit the Main Land!! (They live in HAWAII) We met up with her, and another bestie from high school and hung out at a park.

Not just any park. This park had water squirting toys, and a Ice cream stand/truck. Payton throughly enjoyed his IRON MAN ice cream bar.

Here we are Casey, Katrina, and me with Drew. We have a lot of memories together! It is so fun to get together as adults. We don't see each other all that often, but when we do we fall back in where we left off. These women are amazing mothers too. It's always fun when our kids can play together. We missed Katrina's 3 girls they were still on Hawaii time and stayed home with their grandma. I guess we will have to go to Hawaii and visit. It's a rough job but somebody will have to do it.

Here the kids are, Jenna was convinced that she was a "water bender" and that she was actually controlling how the water came out of the equipment. She had a lot of other kids practicing their water bending skills. ( it's from the Nickelodeon cartoon the avatar the last airbender)

This is how every kid should spend their summer. out in the sun soaking wet!

Friday, November 5, 2010


We love to camp, although we don't do it nearly enough! Being the crazy people we are we thought it would be a great idea to camp with a 6 week old, and go hiking! It was a lot of fun, we love being in the mountains, and Drew slept better in the tent than he ever has at home! All in all it was a great trip!
We went on several hikes, here we had to hike a pretty steep hill. The kids had to learn the fine art of "walking like a duck" to make it up the hill with out sliding down it.

Jenna demonstrating the "duck walk."

Payton's turn attempting the "duck walk." He did a lot of sliding. :)

We saw some gorgeous views!

My kids love to be outside where they can get as dirty as they want, and run and scream to their hearts content!

Drew did amazing, he is such a happy go lucky baby!

We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows over the fire!

Here is how Drew slept. I was very concerned that he would get cold, but I didn't want to bring him into bed on an air mattress with us. Way to easy to get his face covered I thought. He wore a really warm sleep sack, and was double swaddled with his thomas quilt. Maybe a little over kill, but he slept great. He didn't wake up all night! I woke up a couple times on my own to check him to see if he felt to hot or cold, but he didn't wake up till 6 am when all the light flooded our ten t. I joked that maybe we should sleep in a tent every night if he was going to sleep that great.

We had a little creek that was right behind out tent, the kids thought that was pretty cool, and it stressed me out a little that they would fall in. However, the water was so cold it was all they could do it put there feet in it.

On our hike during the second day we saw this momma deer. Bambi's mom to be exact. Just ask my munchkins.

Dad wasn't with us when we hiked the steep hill, so the kids had to bring him back and show them how they learned to "duck walk." Drew is in the sling, and yes I hiked all over with him like that. He slept the entire time. Well until I hit some loose rocks and fell flat on my bum. My arms were around him to protect him, do he was fine, but my bottom was not.

Here is dad with the munchkins:) it was a blast we will have to go more often next summer!